FDEP backs take over of Springs Protection by Marion County.  
Commission Chairman announces outsiders need not apply as spokesmen for Marion County.
Bringing in new personnel, Secretary Herschel Vinyard plans to establish consistency in policy across district lines. 

New efforts by Governor Rick Scott in Jobs Budget
Secretary Herschel Vinyard anounces cutbacks in Water District growth.

Governor Rick Scott and Secretary Herschel Vinyard work to restore order to Water Districts and Consultants.

Out of control and inconsistent policy is the way the Water Districts programs were described by legislators.

Senator Alan Hays and Rep. Charles Van Zant are working closely to bring order to an out of control situation.

DCA is dismantled and its anti growth programs stopped. 



Even from space point source pollution can be seen.  Technology is helping Florida deal with pollution problems.  EPA may be held off after all.

Some discharges are too deep to follow as in the Kanapaha Processed Sewer Effluent that is discharged daily for over 17 years, directly into the drinking water aquifer. 


Florida Water Czar Bob Burton Celebrates New Economic Development program to stop Utility Discharge Programs and welcomes persons of good will to, the kick off of SpringsFest, Marion County.

Marion County Commissioner Stan McClain named Springs Protector of the Year by SpringsFest.Com Director Steve Hunter.

Just in: Marion County Commission takes over Springs Authority for Marion County.

Alachua's Discharge sources may be asked to reduce Processed Sewer Effluent discharges daily into the drinking water aquifer.

Graphs apparently back up concerns that algae blooms started just a few years after Kanapaha Discharges began 17 years ago. 

Welcome graphic

Alaclhua firms make all out effort to speak for Marion County Commission.
Major polluters of the Springs in Marion County may have to stop discharging Processed Sewer Effluent into Drinking Water Aquifer. 
Kanapaha Discharge of processed sewer effluent considered the biggest problem for growth in Marion County.  
Marion County employees no longer allowed to support anti growth effort of HT Odum Group in Emergy, that is Energy spelled with a "M".
It appears Emergy and EMDollars are to be systemonics with EJoels.  Sounds serious stated Water Czar Bob Burton. 
Ocala struggles to bring in tourist.   TDC asked to answer for 50% drop in Ocala tourist program.

Marion County Board of County Commissioners promote proper use of tax payers dollars.  Thank the volunteers for Springs Fest effort.  Chairman Stan McCain thanks Springfest for their years of effort, especially the artist who have worked to promote new economic growth in Central Florida.  EDC Marion County thanks the Commissioners.  Let the Growth Begin.  Tax payers thank Marion County EDC for kick-starting Economic Action.

SpringsFest is a proud member of the Marion County Economic Action Team, promoting growth in Marion County.  Often Environmental Agencies attempt to promote a "hard left political agenda" in blaming home owners and farmers for pollution.

Now we have reached a scientific understanding that it is actually the Utilities such as Alachua's Kanapaha Sewage Discharge Dumping program that is polluting our Springs and Aquifer.  Citizens can help promote real reform by asking urban areas to listen to the public.  Stop doing Bad Management Practices that pollute our drinking water and cause increased filtering costs for the public.  We love our farms and our homes.  Stop blaming utility pollution on the general public.  Marion County Commissioners are hereby thanked by the public for helping end the blaming of the public for Industrial Urban Utility Pollution. 


EPA and FDEP asked to stop programs to bring our children into the Industrial Utility Pollution debate.